Louisa Marie
TV Psychic Clairvoyant Medium

Hi louisa,
Thank you so much for the prayer and to both of you for a wonderful workshop yesterday, it was so well prepared, very informative and a sheer pleasure to attend.
Kym and I are already signed up for part 2 so we can’t wait. We may also be interested in other workshop that you run, so we'll be in touch regarding those.
Thanks again for all the advice; we'll keep up the practice and meditation till we see you in April Best wishes
Gail x

I look forward to seeing Louisa every week. I have MS and suffer with fatigue. I always feel that Louisa 'recharges my batteries' and I have much more energy after she works her magic.   Louisa’s tarot reading was spot on. Afterwards I felt inspired   Melanie Preston xxx
“At a recent reading with louisa I was amazed with what I heard. I had been having some personal issues that I was in difficulty verbalising. As soon as we started Louisa told me she had a message for me - the message succinctly told me exactly what I had been unable to verbalise. The relief and understanding it gave me was wonderful. Louisa is a lovely person with a real talent that has enriched my life - so thank you Louisa!" Clare